Welcome to Beautiful Tarot. The Tarot Reader of choice.

Welcome to Beautiful Tarot. The Tarot Reader of choice.


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About Me


Tarot Reader with over 20 years experience

My first experience of tarot reading, was from visiting the fortune telling gypsy in her caravan at my local fun-fair, aged just seven. I continued my interest, aged 12 having a reading in the home of a tarot reader in the heart of Glastonbury town, whereby, I was told that I had a special gift. 

After receiving my first tarot deck as a teenager, I spent hours each day learning each card and its meaning, giving friends and relatives readings. I gave my first paid group booking, aged 19, to a group of ladies, with outstanding and uncanny results. 20 years later, I am still offering my tarot reading services with as much passion and dedication, as ever.


Why Tarot?

The Tarot has always been my choice of divination - The foretelling of events. However, in my opinion, the cards are the visual tool of the clients subconscious, resulting from the energy passed on through the reading. For me, my job as a tarot reader is to help the client reveal what is happening in their lives at the current moment, and how it can affect their future.


Insightful, empowering and positive

All of us have busy, sometimes complicated and stressful lives, juggling work, relationships and families. It is no wonder we look to a more meaningful understanding of where we are and what it is we are supposed to be doing.

Tarot readings are a great way to delve deeper into our lives and pinpoint what obstacles we need to overcome, challenges we need to face and opportunities we need to seize.

I approach all readings sensitively and practically, ensuring that each client has the power to shape their lives to what they want and need.

What Happens in a Tarot Reading?


A quick insight into my readings

I have practiced the "Celtic Cross" spread for over twenty years now, which offers a simple and intuitive layout. I will ask the client to either shuffle the pack of cards, or lay them out for the client to choose, focusing on the question they want to ask. Ten cards are selected and  laid out as the image to the left shows. Each card reflects different areas of the clients query and I explain the meanings behind the cards and potential outcomes.

A three card reading is much shorter, where the same process applies, but with three cards, reflecting on the past, present and future of the client.


Does the death card, literally mean, death?

"What if I pick out the Death card?" people often say to me when I tell them what I do. Even when the "Death" card appears, it doesnt necessarily foretell a physical death of a person. Quite simply, it can indicate a need to clear the way for what is not working for us anymore, and allow new and positive growth. 

Some cards may appear negative to the enquirer, however, once we delve deeper into their meanings, the results can be more positive than initally thought.  


Will my reading tell my future?

Tarot is a great way to reflect on what is currently happening in our lives, as well as how the past and present can influence the future.

There have been times the cards have predicted some future events for some of my clients! However my integrity as a tarot reader will always stipulate, that a great deal of how the cards are chosen, comes from the energy of the client. I am merely a vessel for this energy and use my skills as an empath to facilitate the reading.

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 "Chloe is such a lovely person, who is very intuitive, has amazing vibes and has so many beautiful talents. I truly recommend her!

Tara Lee

"Chloe came to my work, and made me feel at ease. She has a unique way of setting the energy for the reading. It was accurate and showed me the answers to a few questions I have had for a while now. I will be recommending her to my friends."

Lesley G

"Chloe is amazing! She gave me a wonderful reading that gave me peace of mind when I needed it most. Xx"

Ananda van T

"I hired Chloe to provide customer tarot readings on Halloween night in a Central London cocktail bar. From booking her, to set up and customer experience, she was asolutely top notch. Super friendly, speedy communication, well priced, experienced plus fantastic with the punters and her readings, we are going to book her again, this year."

Tyvian V, The Racketeer, Kings Cross

"Chloe made me feel so relaxed as soon as I entered the room. The reading I had was so amazing and made so much sense. It made me feel confident and happy....I would highly recommend Chloe if you want a genuine person who is in tune."

Mel Z

"Thank you so much! Amazing experience! Youvve given me clarity of my life I am so thankful. Amazing experience. Chloe you're so good at this Ill highly be recommending you."



Code of Conduct

tarot readers of the british isles member

I strongly believe that it is my duty of care to practice in a responsible and ethical manner, providing my clients with exceptional service. As a member of TABI (Tarot Readers of the British Isles) there are strict procedures for which I need to adhere to. These are highlighted below.


TABI’s Ethics

  • Readings are in confidence between the client, the reader and TABI.
  • Readings aim to help the client to take charge of their own life.
  • Clients will be treated equally and with respect.
  • Readers will be open-minded, honest and non-judgmental.
  • If appropriate, readers will suggest that clients consult a qualified professional. (e.g. health or legal professional.)
  • When a fee is due, the amount will be agreed prior to the reading.
  • If at any time a reader feels unable to complete a reading, they will withdraw tactfully.
  • Readings will not knowingly be given to clients aged under 18 years without permission from their parent or guardian.
  • Readings cannot be given about anyone other than the client, and  questions relating to others (e.g. third parties, such as partners,  family members, colleagues, etc.) will be re-phrased or declined.


All of my readings are strictly confidential, and most of my customers are from recommendations from previous clients and word of mouth. 

I am more than happy to provide written recommendations from my clients for you to see.

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